Between 24 February and 17 March 2013 there will be a total of 19 events with a guaranteed prize pool of $2,100.000 in total. The focus on the GSOP events is primarily No Limit Texas Hold'em although we also offer Texas Hold'em limit, Texas Hold'em Pot limit, Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha hi/lo events

For every day during the period, there is a new GSOP even starting at 20:00 CET. On Sundays there is also a Turbo or Mad Tilt tournament starting at 21:30 CET.

All these 19 events hand out a Grand Slam ticket to the winner and also award points towards a leaderboard where the winner of the leaderboard gets a Gram Slam ticket. The remaining players in the top 100 will get a chance to compete for three more tickets to the Grand Slam Final.

The Grand Slam Final, with a buy-in of $5,000 and a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000 will take place Sunday 17 March 20:00 CET, the weekend after the last Event.

  Main event schedule  
  GSOP miniseries  
  GSOP sidebet  
  Grand slam qualifiers  

There will be three freeroll qualifiers for the Grand Slam Final which will be open for players who finished in place 2-100 in the overall leaderboard. All of these will pay one Grand Slam Final ticket worth $5,000 to the winner of each freeroll. At 17.45 CET on the day of the Grand Slam Final there will be a $50 buy in GSOP Grand Slam Last Chance qualifier! This tournament guarantees six tickets.

  Grand slam leaderboard qualifiers  

NameGrand Slam LB
qualifier 2-10
Grand Slam LB qualifier 11-30Grand Slam LB qualifier 31-100
Time20:00 CET20:00 CET20:00 CET
Limit typeNLNLNL
Buy-inRestricted ticketRestricted ticketRestricted ticket

The leaderboard scores points based on a formula where players that enter in many events will be awarded more than just the occasional win of a big event. It is more rewarding to compete in all events in order to finish high in the final leaderboard. All players in the field will be awarded points towards the leaderboard.

The formula is:
Points = ((PrizePool0,2) / (PlaceFinished0,5))*10
Prize pool is in dollars ($).

All leaderboard standings will be displayed on the day after each GSOP event.

  Grand slam final  
NameGrand Slam Final
Time20:00 CET
Limit typeNL