Strobe Poker

What is Strobe Poker?

Strobe Poker is a faster version of a traditional poker ring game. It plays just like the poker you are used to except; you have new opponents for every new hand. In traditional poker ring games you play against a static set of players seated at one and the same table, in Strobe you play against a pool of players. When you fold in Strobe you are immediately placed at a new table with new opponents

What happens when I fold?

In Strobe Poker you will immediately be moved to another table for your next hand right away, even if the action hasn't reached you yet. Players at your previous table will not see that you have folded until is your turn to act. You can fold at any point in a hand, unless you have committed chips to the pot and are not facing a bet (including when you are the big blind), or you are all in.

Can I fold and still see the outcome of a hand?

Yes, you can use the "view fold" option. This is done by simply clicking the "eye" next to the "fold" button in the poker client. To exit the table and start a new round you simply press the "New Hand" button.

How do posting blinds and seating position work in a Strobe Poker game?

As in traditional poker the dealer button and the blinds move in a clock wise direction. But since the opponents change for every hand, the seating and blinds strategy will follow a specific algorithm. This is to ensure that seating is handled as fair as possible. When seating for a specific round is determined, the player with the highest number of played rounds that has not had big blind is selected for the big blind position. The same is done for the small blind position. The player, who has not had small blind for the highest number of rounds, is selected for small blind position; this is independent of big blind. The deal button position is selected using a similar method. The player, who has not had the dealer button for the highest number of rounds, will be selected for the dealer button.

Do I have the same amount of time to act in a Strobe Poker game as I do in a standard ring game?

Yes, time to act in a Strobe Poker game is the same as in a standard ring game.

Can I play more than one table in a Strobe Poker game?

Yes, you can play several of the same Strobe Poker game by clicking the "Join Game" button in the Strobe Poker lobby after joining your first game. You can currently play one or two tables. Strobe has been designed so that a player can never have more than one seat at the same table.

Do I earn player points by playing Strobe Poker?

Yes, player points are awarded in the same way as in a standard ring game. 3.6 Player Points are awarded for every $1 paid in rake. Provided that there is rake taken from the pot your player points are still awarded even if you fold and move to a new table before the hand is finished.

How is my hand history saved?

The hand history is saved in regular ways meaning that when a player folds a hand and is moved to a new table the complete (folded) hand is stored.

What is the rake on Strobe games?

We have lowered the rake on Strobe games.

The new rake table which is being tested is presented below:

The rake on the $0.05/$0.10 level will be 5%, i.e. $0.01 for every $0.20 in the pot.

Rake on $0.15/$0.30, and eventually higher stakes, will be 4%, i.e. $0.01 for every $0.25 in the pot.

Which levels will be offered?

Strobe Poker will initially be offered on 5-max Texas No Limit Hold'em tables and on the following stake levels:



Ongame will consider adding higher stake games if and when the player demand and liquidity can justify such a decision.

Will you add support for Tournaments?

There is no current plan to add tournament support.

Can I play Strobe on mobile?

Yes, Strobe is supported in all mobile products