FullDeck Poker Security and Integrity

Financial security

FullDeckPoker.com only deals with the best and most reputable online payment companies who can display a long record of excellence and a total commitment to transactional security. To ensure your money is protected at the highest level.

FullDeckPoker.com is operated by RK Operation Ltd and powered by Ongame Network Ltd. FullDeck has a white label Gibraltar license. All transactions will be billed by Ongame Network Ltd., Europort, Suite 611, Gibraltar. On your bank and Credit card statements transactions will be billed www.FullDeckPoker.com

Data protection

At FullDeck Poker we are constantly vigilant and protect your security. We take data protection very seriously and all player details are held securely and never divulged to third parties without your full consent. Information transfers are done by THAWTE SSL Secure Sockets Layer certificates that encrypt sensitive data

Remember you are the only person who can access your FullDeckPoker.com account and we cannot access your account without securing your express permission.

Cashing out, you can cash out when you like without any fuss or complications. With your account registered we have the information and systems to see you get paid promptly.

24-7 Monitoring

Keeping you safe and secure on line is our number one priority; poker is a game where knowledge is power. In the hands of some unscrupulous players this can be very damaging to all involved. FullDeck Poker has taken every step possible to ensure that other players cannot access your information. Steps such as players are not allowed to open more than one account and we do not permit players from the same computer or network to play at the same table. Constant monitoring of player activity for evidence of collusive play and or fraud means that we have developed automated systems and specially trained staff to detect and analyze abnormal playing patterns. Only you can see your cards just as if you were playing at a real table. And like the real thing we don't wait to stop cheating.

Our anti-collusion policy

If a player has carried out or been involved in any type of fraudulent activity in the course of taking part in any FullDeck game we reserves the right to hold any or all of the player's funds indefinitely.

Fraudulent activity may include, but is not limited to, use of stolen credit cards, fund transfer to other player's accounts (chip dumping), forgery or collusion.

When it comes to games a player's cards are sent exclusively to that individual's computer and under no circumstances can they be viewed by anyone or anywhere else. For further security, all actions and activities made are logged and saved in our database enabling us to analyze hands and detect suspicious playing patterns or possible other fraudulent activity.

FullDeckPoker.com investigates every complaint made by players who suspect they may have been negatively affected by collusive gaming. Hand history transcripts for every player are available, detailing exactly how bets were placed in each game as well as the final hands of all players who called the river card. FullDeckPoker.com will permanently ban any player who attempts to commit collusion during one of our games.

Furthermore, it is impossible for two players sharing the same IP number, by that we mean the same computer or network, to play at the same table.

If you suspect you have been affected by collusive play or any other issue arising from fraud please contact the FullDeck Support staff immediately.