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FullDeck Poker - Great Cashback and Tournament Tickets

Right from the start you can get amazing benefits at FullDeck Poker. With your Welcome Bonus you also get Cashback which grows as you move up the VIP levels in our top value VIP Club. If you prefer free Tournament tickets you can use your FullDeck Chips to exchange for the tournaments of your choice, just check out the amazing rewards below.

FullDeck Poker VIP Club - Rewarding Loyalty


FullDeck Poker VIP Club is a program designed to reward our loyal players. The VIP Club consists of 7 levels (4 monthly + 3 yearly) listed below- below you can also see the requirements necessary in order to achieve each level and the maximum “cashback” percentages...

Level Points needed Max. cashback %
Level 1 None – Activated upon the first deposit 12%
Level 2 1,000 points a month 15%
Level 3 3,000 points a month 18%
Level 4 6,000 points a month 20%
Level 5 Monthly average of 6,000 points 33%
Level 6 Monthly average of 13,000 points 36.50%
Level 7 Monthly average of 20,000 points 40%

Moving up and down levels

Player Points are used to determine the player’s level.

Monthly levels:
  • A player moves to a higher monthly level as soon as he has accumulated the required amount of Player Points within one month (i.e. 1000 for the Level 2).
  • Moving up a level takes place instantly once the required points have been earned.
  • The player will need to maintain the amount of points each month or he will move down to the level corresponding to his current points total. Moving down only occurs if the player hasn’t accumulated enough points during the second month after qualification (there is a one month grace-period). The calculation for maintaining a level only begins on the 1st day of the month following a level increase.
Yearly levels:
  • A player moves into a yearly level the moment he has a 12-month average of at least 6,000 player points (Level 5).
  • The player does not need to have played for 12 months in order to achieve the Yearly Levels, if in his first week he earns 72000 player points (72000/12=6000 monthly average) then the player is then considered to be in Level 5.
  • The monthly average needs to be maintained or otherwise the player will move down to the level corresponding to his current points average. There is a one month grace period, similar to the monthly levels.


The main benefits of our VIP Club are as follows:
  • Tournament Tickets
  • Cash Back

The currency used in the VIP Club is FullDeck Chips (FDC) – players get 0.8 of FDC’s for each Player Point they earn after joining the VIP Club.

NB: As you move up the levels so the cashback increases!

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